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Collaboration Made Easy: Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Tips

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, included as part of Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription, is a group messaging app that brings together business teams in a central location to collaborate through its own chat rooms, text and video calls. Whether you’re in the office or in the field, Teams allows you to work efficiently without extra programs like Google Hangouts, Facebook or Slack. Teams may even replace interoffice email.

Teams will quickly become your team’s go-to communications and collaboration hub. These tips and tricks will get you on your way now.

T-Bot – the Answer Place for Teams

  1. Go to the Chat list and you’ll see T-Bot listed in the user panel.
  2. Click T-Bot and type any question in the chat panel.

Take Your Team with You

The Teams mobile app helps you connect and collaborate wherever you are. The app is available on iOS, Android or Windows Phone. You can participate in conversations and see all of your teams, channels, files and more.

  1. Download Microsoft Team mobile here.

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is primarily a document management and storage system, it also serves as a web-based collaboration tool. SharePoint also features the ability to be configured uniquely for organizations for a variety of uses. SharePoint allows you, your customers and employees to share documents, access internal sites and get information from anywhere.

Customize Your SharePoint Website

  1. Click on the Settings icon; then Site Information
  2. After the Site Information panel opens, click Change
  3. Select the image you want to use, then click Open > Save
  4. Review updated logo
  5. Customize your website navigation, theme, add pages and web parts here



Stay Current with SharePoint News

SharePoint News can deliver important news from all of your departments throughout your company. Everyone is up to date on the projects, announcements and high points from every other department – post best practices, share templates and other reusable assets, celebrate key customer wins!

Here’s how to create news posts:

  1. Click Create news post in the top bar
  2. Add a post in a Team or Communication site
  3. Choose the Communication site where you want to publish your article
  4. Customize your news post, add the news web part to any page and change the news source here

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