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Get Your Staff On Board with New Technology - Q&A with Sam Card

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Previously, we discussed best practices in adopting new software for your business. Here, CEO Sam Card answers questions about how to make sure your staff can effectively use your new software so you realize the benefits of it sooner, rather than later.

Q: Why is it important to train staff on new technology?

Sam Card: Formal training sets employees up to be more successful in their jobs. Just like when they onboard, they watch some videos, they shadow someone – they know exactly what they’re supposed to do. It’s the same with new software. The more they know about it, the more successful they will be.

Most businesses have software that is specific to their line of work along with general computer programs like Office or Windows. It’s a bear to try to teach every staff member every program. So, it’s a good idea to identify which job roles need to know which software programs.

Line-of-business software vendors should have training materials available, so they will handle training your staff. For general computer software, the first thing you need to do is make sure to hire people who are comfortable with computer use.

Training pays off because employees will get the most value out the tools at their disposal.

Q. What are the consequences of not training your staff in new technology?

Sam Card: Without training, employees may use the new software but could be using it improperly and then the app doesn’t work properly. These missteps could mean that they can give up on the new and go back to doing things the way they did before. If staff aren’t using your computer applications, you might have internal communications problems or processes that aren’t being followed so that leads to inefficient operations.

It’s really important for your company’s leadership to not only use the new software themselves to set a good example, but also to make sure everyone knows why the new app has been chosen. Share the business reasons with your staff and they will be more open to the change.

Q. What types of training does Cards offer their clients?

Sam Card: At Cards Technology, we provide technical training when clients migrate to Office 365 and on new operating systems like Windows 10 and getting the most out of new features as they are released. We host Microsoft Customer Immersion Experiences where people can take a deep dive into Office 365 in a live, hands-on seminar. We show them how to use the different programs and give overviews of the capabilities each app has. We also have an online cybersecurity awareness course available for staff members and I deliver executive presentations about responsible and strategic IT management for business owners.