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Identifying Fake Google Drive and DropBox Emails

Cards Technology

Hello everyone!

Cards Technology is excited to announce our brand new Tech Advisor video series. We aim to provide helpful tips to assist you with avoiding common technical issues.

In our first video of this series we discuss how to identify fake Google Drive and DropBox emails. This has been a common issue lately that has been plaguing people worldwide. The emails are designed to take you to a hacked webpage that steals your username and password. This video will show you how to identify and avoid these types of messages and to report them to our technical support team for analysis and prevention.

Feel free to circulate this video link among members of your organization.

We look forward to providing more helpful information throughout the year.

Thank you for your valued business and support. As always, you are welcome to contact your Account Manager our Technical Support Team for more information.

Backup Solutions and Disaster Recovery Plans

Cards Technology

Business owners and managers that think they have their technology under control are put to the test when natural disasters strike. Having proper power protection and a backup disaster recovery plan is vital to your operations.

Hurricane Joaquin has people scrambling to backup their crucial company data. If a disaster hits your location, how long will it take your technology operations to be back up and running? The trusted advisors at Cards Technology help you plan for your disaster recovery needs so you know exactly what to expect during times like these. Even in the event when equipment gets destroyed, your information is safe and your servers resume normal operations very quickly in our off-site data center.

Once a storm has subsided, we work quickly to get your equipment replaced and your data restored with minimal impact on your operations.

Get in control over your technology by partnering with Cards.

Think Twice Before Reducing Technology Costs

Cards Technology

We see it happen all the time with organizations that think they are saving big bucks by reducing their spending and decreasing their budgets for technology. Little do they know how much it could impact their efficiency and profitability.

Let’s talk specifically when it comes to helpdesk and network management. Penny-pinchers will typically shop out IT vendors based on price without understanding the implications prior to signing a new contract.

Here are a few questions an operationally mature company should ask if contemplating switching IT vendors:

  • Is this IT vendor offering me a hybrid service where they manage just a portion of your network?
  • Is this IT vendor relying on an underperforming network so that they can nickel and dime me for every hour they are working on a problem?
  • Is this IT vendor being proactive and handling issues behind the scenes?
  • Who is accountable for helping me plan and create a technology roadmap for the next 5 years?
  • Who is establishing technology standards?
  • How is security being handled at my organization?
  • How much of my own time am I going to spend on technology issues?
  • How quickly will I receive IT support when I have a problem?

When you are approached by an IT vendor who boasts being able to save you a substantial amount of money, you must question the results you are going to receive. The price might be less, but at what expense to your company?

IT vendors who understand the costs of operation will charge you a fair price simply because it is their job to prevent as many problems as possible by providing the hardware and software solutions you need to be successful. Most importantly, they will give you the results and the data to prove it. Any IT vendor who markets to their customers on price alone is one to be heavily questioned.

If an IT vendor makes technology sound easy and encourages you to manage meaningless tasks like resetting passwords, running AV scans, or spending the first 20 minutes of your day deleting spam, they are missing the point. Passionate business owners, CEOs, and visionaries, want to be primarily focused on running their business. The moment they are diverted from their vision on even the smallest of technology issues, the quicker their vision becomes faded.

The next time you are approached with an IT service offering that sounds too-good-to-be-true, think to yourself “Will this put me ahead of my competition?”