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The Dirty Truth: Why Your Hourly IT Provider Won't Solve Your Recurring IT Issues

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Running a small business means juggling multiple priorities, and the right technology can streamline processes and support growth. With so much at stake, you need more than just computer technicians that "monitor" your equipment and repair it when it breaks. You need a stable and efficient IT infrastructure to help propel your business forward.

A break/fix, hourly or adhoc provider refers to a provider that offers "as needed" services. When you need help, you call a support person. This may have worked for you in the past, but do you wonder why the same IT issues keep cropping up? Maybe you have a limited budget and think you can’t afford a managed services route. Or, you are hesitant to switch due to a disruption in service. These are minor concerns when you consider the motivation of a time and materials billing provider. There really is no incentive for them to permanently fix everything; otherwise they would be fixing themselves out of a job.

If your goal is to proactively invest in IT solutions, rather than reactively address downtime, here's the dirty truth on why you’re still having recurring problems:

  • Your urgent IT problems are an hourly provider’s most profitable venture. When systems malfunction and downtime effects productivity, you have no choice but to agree to whatever fees and extra expenses are being charged.
  • There is no incentive to implement stable solutions. Frequent repairs are business opportunities for the break/fix or hourly provider, who only gets paid when there is a problem to be addressed.
  • Little motivation exists to work quickly. When you are paid for the amount of time you spend working, slower results equates to more billing.
  • A job done "too well" is a threat. Setting up a network flawlessly or recommending monitoring software could potentially threaten the long-term job security of a break/fix provider.

A proactive managed services provider is more aligned with your goals. You both want an efficiently run IT infrastructure and will both benefit from succeeding in that goal. Having to fix recurring problems is not only time consuming but also cost prohibitive for both you and your provider. The mutual advantage of a true partnership keeps your IT systems running smoothly so you can run your business.

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